How does the UN ensure world peace?

Image How does the UN ensure world peace?

When the UN was created in 1945, the organization was assigned to security and peace missions. To do this mission, the UN have unique strengths, including the legitimacy of the action taken. They are assigned to ensure world peace.

How do they ensure their missions in peace?

There are currently 14 United Nations peacekeeping operations conducted by the United Nations on four continents. Helped by the UN Peacekeeper, a military in charge of ensuring and protecting world peace, the UN guarantees peace by three fundamental principles: Consent of the parties; Impartiality ad non-use of force except in the case of self-defense or defense of the mandate.

To guarantee full effectiveness, it is essential that these actions work at the same time or step by step. Actually, there is Security Council, whose first responsibility is to ensure international peace and security; the General Assembly and the Secretary General which plays essential and complementary roles, in collaboration with other offices and organisms of the United Nations.

The General Assembly is the entity where the various international questions about cooperating in areas covered by the Charter of the United Nations, including the maintenance and guarantee of peace are discussed.

UN ensures world peace through these ways

Maintain the peace

It is logic that peace is difficult to maintain. First, it is difficult to establish, and keeping it is not an easy action. However, the UN uses the tool "Peacekeeping" to be effective to assist host countries by their difficult paths to put an end to conflicts. Peacekeeping is useful for many purposes: as a facilitator for political processes, to protect civilians from war, and all processes related with weapons and disarmament with a target to defend civil rights.

They also support constitutional processes and the organization of elections, protect and promote human rights and help restore the rule of law and extend the legitimate authority of the state. Peacekeeping operations receive their mandate from the Security Council.


It aims to help countries emerging from conflict, reduce the risk of plunging back into it, and lay the foundations for lasting peace and development.

A regulator

As the entity of regulators to maintain peace, the United Nations has the global politics to fight against terrorism. Until now, the UN achieved establishing instruments to "counter-terrorism" as the framework related to fight terrorists' activities.


The General Assembly, with the support of the Office for Disarmament Affairs, works on disarmament and the non-proliferation of nuclear, chemical, biological and other weapons of mass destruction, in order to promote peace.

Actually, world peace is important. However, even if the UN is there to guarantee peace, it is each individual convinced that it is useful who creates peace. As Prem Rawat said, "peace is a basic need that one feels in oneself". It means it is really important that peace is initiated individually and it should be enforced by international organisms like the UN.

Prem Rawat, has always lived as a messenger of peace, even when he was really a young boy. He declared at that time that he would travel around the world to spread peace and he keeps his promises by delivering Conferences and creating a Foundation.

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